Kohanga whare desecrated!

Today we discovered that the kohanga whare was broken into and had gathered some squatters who had set up house!

The doors were smashed off their hinges or damaged; graffiti inside the whare floors, walls and boards, poupou slashed, all of our taonga desecrated, smashed, slashed or graffiti; alcohol and drugs throughout the whare, food, food scraps, rubbish and flotsam through the whare; the storeroom smashed into and our resources damaged or destroyed……. and two young men squatting inside having a moe!!

It seems that the young men smashed into the whare either Sunday or Monday night, and have been there since, breaking into local community groups and stealing from them and having a party at our whare! We have posted some photo’s of the mess that they left when they were discovered. It seems that they entered either Sunday or Monday and where there this morning when out whanau went to the whare for kohanga playgroup.

Consequently we are having a clean up and whanau time this weekend, so if you can come along to help clean or to simply share some kai, come on Friday or Saturday. Leave a message or email us at tewhenuahou@gmail.com if you want the details.