Renovation update ….May 2013….

In 2012 Te Kohanga developed a project plan to renovate the whare. The plan included industry standard design plans, a builder contracted to do the mahi as well as serveral partnerships to provide support and value add to the project. The plan also included and relied on, the application of community grants through local and state government funding bodies. In 2012 Te Kohanga applied for 4 of these grants to progress the renovations.

Well after a looonngg wait and delay, we have finally heard back from the various funding bodies. Te Kohanga has been successful at 3 of the 4 grants. Unfortunately due to the 2013 Brisbane floods some grants have been placed on hold and re-directed towards flood recovery across the state. This was also the reason for the significant delay in processing all government grants

Consequently Te Kohanga is now adjusting our project plan to accommodate all these developments, particularly as the project was due to start in March/April 2013! It is likely that the renovations will proceed in December/January 2013/2014 to accommodate the late grant notification and booking a builder.

There are also plans to partner with some local groups to develop the local bushlands and creek beds. We will be posting all of these once they are finalized. Kia ora! and Kia ora to Brisbane City Council; Qld government and Community Benefit Funds for the significant injection of funding to our kohanga!


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