Takahia Whakamua Puutahi 2013 begins….

Our annual program at the Brisbane Youth Detention Centre, the Takahia Whakamua Puutahi program – started on Saturday 4 May 2013. This year we had 48 young people who registered for the program – unfortunately we are only able to take 25 students.

Takahia will run for the next 12 weeks, culminating in a graduation day in July 2013!

Te Kohanga ote whenua hou and the Brisbane Youth Detention Centre recently ran a training workshop for volunteers and kaiako involved in the Takahia program. With the new Qld Government and the change in departments, there are also changes in how service providers access the centre and what training all people on centre must have. As a result all Takahia volunteers and kaiawhina must do this training.


Maori Brisbane Geebung Chermside Kohanga BYDC Takahia Whakamua Puutahi youth offenders detention centre programs

Te Kohanga kaiawhina and volunteers in training with BYDC


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