Flipside Kohanga performs for whanau…

Our Saturday Tamariki Kohanga program did their end of term performance of Flipside Kohanga last Saturday 15 June at the Flipside Circus in Newmarket.

Whanau came and watched our tamariki do their pyramids, trampolining, trapeze, aerial ring and floor work. Tamariki also got to show off their new tshirts with their tu meke tohu on the back and the kohanga logo on the front.

Afterwards we all went to the park for Hakari and a play time together. We had a great whanau time together and lots of tino choice kai (especially the watercress and pork bones yum!).

We have one more week and then we close for the school holidays…..until Saturday 27 July 2013.

So check out our photos of the day….tino pai a koutou mahi tamariki ma….tino pai!!


Mihi from tamariki

Sumo Pyramid

Sumo pyramid



04.trapeze pepe

05.rings 01


07.box splat

08.Kua mutu


10.Up and coming

11.whanau 01

12.whanau 02

13.whanau 03


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