Takahia Whakamua Puutahi Prison Program

Our Prison Program at the Brisbane Youth Detention Centre has wound up for another year. And unfortunately this may (and it is may) be our last year as the centre has decided to run with a Pasifika program next year so there is no room for kaupapa maori at least at this stage.

So our takahia whakamua puutahi team of kaiako and volunteers paid a last visit to our rangatahi for our end of program graduation. Again unfortunately the centre decided to cancel the graduation day with whanau, community & BYDC Centre (first time in all of our 17 years at the centre!!). So we had a whakangahau time supporting our taitamariki instead of a graduation .

Our young people in youth detention will continue to be supported by our kohanga and Maori community. We are developing a range of programs to promote kaupapa maori, te reo maori and te iwi maori! Stay tuned whanau!

Our art piece

Tukutuku panel for our Takahia program

Our art piece created by our young people in the Takahia Whakamua Puutahi program at BYDC. The panel has a background in yellow representing Te Atua o Rongo: Rongomatane the God of Peace and Cultivated Foods. The koru tiles were painted by young people, BYDC staff and Te Kohanga staff and volunteers. The koru tiles are arranged in the tukutuku style of Patikitiki or flounder style .

Each program within Te Kohanga will develop its own panel, colour and tukutuku style. These panels will then hang in corners of the renovated kohanga whare, representing the the core programs/activities that make up our kohanga.

Some of our community volunteers and kaiako for our takahia program

Some of our community volunteers and kaiako for our takahia program

Some statistics and data on our previous 17 years at Youth Detention, as well the review for this year!
Review.past and present


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