New Kohanga program for young people to start soon….

2013 rangatahi youth flyer
Te Kohanga ote whenua hou is commencing a new program in term 4 2013 for young people aged 11 to 17.

Rangatahi Kohanga teaches Maori language, art, and dance as well as active and healthy lifestyles through traditional games and sports. Participants will learn cultural development; identity; leadership; self-discipline and empowerment in an inclusive, nurturing and culturally safe environment. In addition participants will learn about healthy lifestyles and relationships, sexual health, gender empowerment and responsible relationships.

Rangatahi Kohanga is a program has been developed as an early intervention and prevention program for young people and is open to all. However Rangatahi Kohanga has a special focus on young people at risk of disengaging from school.

The program officially commences on Friday 8 November 2013 from 6pm to 8pm as a trial, to assess appropriate time of day; volunteer availability and suitability. The week before, Friday 1 Nov to Sunday 3 Nov 2013 is a traditional wananga of learning, and young people interested in our Rangatahi Kohanga are invited to attend this wananga for a “look” or sneak preview.

Te Kohanga ote whenua hou is offering this program to any interested young person and their whanau (family). Families that currently participate in Te Kohanga ote whenua hou activities come from all over Brisbane (particularly North West Brisbane; Redcliffe Peninsula; Kallungar & Strathpine; Caboolture and South Brisbane); come from all ethnic backgrounds (20% Aboriginal; 10% Australian; 10% Samoan & Tongan; 60% Maori) and have various levels of knowledge of Maori culture (many are born in Australia). Te Kohanga ote whenua hou offers a community space that is culturally safe; inclusive; focuses on whanau development; nurtures, supports and encourages children, young people and families in positive empowerment; promotes whanau relations and aroha as life changing forces and upholds tikanga maori.

Cost will be $2 per young person and healthy food to share for dinner. As a part of the program and subject to funding, activities such as a summer camp; traditional weaponry training (mau rakau); flispide circus activities have been planned should we successfully receive grants to support this program.

For more information call 3855 5873


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