Hakari 2013

Our kohanga whanau came together last weekend for our annual end of year hakari to bring all of our programs together, show the learnings from each program and to celebrate the year.

Our nga pepe from our kohanga playgroup; tamariki from our Saturday tamariki kohanga; young people from our Friday night rangatahi kohanga and our volunteers from Takahia Whakamua Puutahi all came together at our Geebung whare for mihi; waiata; kapahaka hoki; whanau kotahi tatou nei!

01.mihi ki nga iwi 02.he waiata tautoko 03.mihi mo nga tamariki.rangatahi 04.he waiata poi

Our tamariki looked tino ataahua in their new uniforms –

with the kowhai colours for kohanga playgroup (with the tohu designed by whaea Emma with original development from whaea Ann and tamariki);

kahurangi/kikorangi colours for our rangatahi kohanga (with the tohu from our young people);

and whero colours for our tamariki kohanga (with the tohu designed by tamariki and merged into a kowhaiwhai pattern to reflect our tamariki whanau).

Pango/mangu shirts are our shirts fro Takahia Whakamua Puutahi – our youth prison program – with the new design by matua Moroni and our original logo for the kohanga ote whenua hou used as the basis for this design.

05.nga ropu 06.nga ropu katoa.pepe.tamariki.rangatahi.taiohi 07.kohanga playgroup 08.tamariki kohanga 09.rangatahi kohanga

A wonderful time was had with some of our community elders and leaders coming along with whanau; indigenous representatives and our tauira from our kohanga. Our tamariki were auehome me ano hoki…. pai rawa! We now take a much deserved holiday until 2014. Happy holidays whanau……see you all in the new year!

Our tohu and logo’s

All of our shirts and products are branded with the Te Kohanga ote whenua hou logo. Each program area also has their own tohu to represent them. These are either designed by participants or are designed in collaboration between Kaiako, kaiawhina and participants. Each tohu represents the participants in some way:

The Te Kohanga ote whenua hou logo was designed in a collaborative project in mid 1990’s after some years of operations . The logo represents the nurturing of te reo within the new state of Qld by our whanau, particuarly the nurturing of our tamariki by our whaea. It also acknowledges the signficant role of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in our lives as Maori and as tauiwi in Ahitereiria


01.Kohanga ote whenua hou.logo

The Kohanga Playgroup logo represents the imprints of our babies blended with koru to represent the renewal within our kohanga whanau

02.Kohanga Playgroup.tohu

The Tamariki Kohanga tohu is a kowhaiwhai that blends each childs self designed koru, with tuakana and teina balanced with genders, ages and newness to our whanau to support and uphold one another;  the uniqueness of each koru represents the uniqueness of those children who were participants at the time 03.Tamariki Kohanga.tohu


The Rangatahi Kohanga tohu is a blend of koru designed by each young person and overlaid on our established young people who are moving from tamariki to rangatahi

04.Rangatahi Kohanga.tohu

The Takahia Whakamua Puutahi tohu is a development from our original logo designs representing the longevity of Takahia within youth prisons in Qld since 1996; the kai tiaki of Takahia within Te Kohanga ote whenua hou and the arohatanga that exists for this program within our Maori community05.Takahia Whakamua Puutahi.tohu




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