Te Puna Waiora and AEDI finalised

Our Te Puna Waiora team that is a collaboration between Te Kohanga ote whenua hou and Aspire Arts, Cultures and Communities has finished with the service delivery component of the project. For the past 2 months our dedicated team of kaiako have been hitting the early learning centres delivering Waiata, reo and mahi toi into the early education space as a method of engaging, interacting and forming relations with tamariki and whanau for proactive educational inclusion.

Our Service delivery team of Bebe; Nardia; J Aunty Jo; Ereti and Amanda; with support from our executive team of Tracey, Johnny and Moroni have been hard out during these two months and now have time to relax whilst the reports and acquittals are completed. Well done to the team and we look forward to more projects in the future. The Te Puna Waiora project was funded by both State and Federal governments under the AEDI program.


AEDI Te Puna Waiora team

Our team



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