Rangatahi Kohanga: Kaupapa

Our rangatahi Kohanga youth group has a special kaupapa for our youth.

Rangatahi flyer.2014

Rangatahi flyer.2014

Rangatahi Kohanga is an early intervention and prevention program that combines Maori cultural context, community connection and social development; awareness & knowledge in a range of areas including that includes healthy sexual relationships; Strong culture and community; positive cultural identity; healthy and active lifestyles; resilience, mental health and wellbeing; Leadership, positive role models; spirituality; positive decision making; community connections & language and identity.

We provide information, knowledge and awareness of drug and alcohol issues, mental health and wellbeing, suicide; self harming, sexual health; violence and a range of issues. We also connect our rangatahi to service providers, appropriate role models, community leaders and elders and themselves to enhance learning, community belonging; self development, whanau togetherness and personal exploration.

Check out our priorities that were developed and named by our young people



And our term 4 calendar for the rest of 2014

20141001.Rangatahi Kohanga.term 4 focus

Come along any Friday night to meet up with our rangatahi and team of kaiako…..


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