Rangatahi Kohanga program @ St James College

Tane and kotiro showing their moko

Tane and kotiro showing their moko

Since Thursday 30 April 2015, whaea Johnny and I have been teaching the a short version of our Rangatahi Kohanga program at St James College in Spring Hill. Every Monday and Thursday lunchtime we have been teaching basic pepeha, kapahaka and reo games to students most of whom are Maori, Samoan, Tongan or Fijian with a few from Tokelau, Kiribati, Cook Islands, Aboriginal Australia and Denmark. Our classes only have 30mins to 40 mins over lunchtime (once students have had some kai, found the room we are in and settled in) which makes each class very, very fast!!

We have between 30-38 students who join us each time to learn, sing and dance. The program is a short program and will only run through to the Schools “Cultural Presentation night” on Friday 29 May 2015. We have a previous performance at Wesley Mission Brisbane’s Community garden launch on Tuesday 26 May 2015 to get the rangatahi ‘performance ready’.








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