Kohanga Summer Camp

maori camp sunshine coast kohanga reo brisbane

Whanau at the beach. ready for a swim

Our Kohanga whanau recently held a summer camp for those rangatahi and tamariki that could make it. The camp was organised as a summer recreational adn community activity for our tamariki & rangatahi to have some entertainment time; whanaunga & community time and healthy and active recreation. We spent the first day at the Sunshine Coast swimming at Mudjimba and sunning on the beach. Saturday evening was spent watching movies at the whare with home made caramel popcorn.

Our second day was spent at the Anglican maori mission with our koroua where our tamariki and rangatahi were also able to mihi and waiata our whanaunga who had come to church. We had a lovely time with all of our iwi, whanau and rangatira who made us all feel so welcome and at home. Kia ora koutou nga whanau a karaiti me nga haahi mihinaire hoki. Tena koutou nga whaea, koro ma, kuia ma mo to koutou aroha, manaakitia me nga whakaaro, kia mahana ai matau.

Our tamariki and rangatahi had a wonderful two day holiday and look forward to doing it again! And a big KIA ORA koutou to our new whanau that we have met at the haahi on Sunday and we look forward to many many more such gatherings.

haahi maori church brisbane

Whanau at haahi!

kapahaka reo maori anglican brisbane

Tamariki & rangatahi at the haahi before their performance





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